Case study

Project: Piccolo Auto Injector

Client: Piccolo

The brief was to design an electronically actuated auto injector that would be simple to use for both chronic drug administration as well as temporary drug administration. The product is to be used in various scenarios; for insulin dependent patients, for patients undergoing vitamin replenishment therapy and for non-medical staff to be able to administer pre-determined amounts of medication or therapy treatment.piccolo

Right now, nurses and homecare nurses are being utilized for drug administration, and with that service comes a hefty bill. By linking the doctor directly to the device, doctors or telehealth medical staff are able to change the drug settings on the device.

Piccolo injectors can also be used by chronic illness patients who want a painless product that allows them to track dosages.

The main body of the device is sterilisable and can be fully immersed for disinfection. In the case of short-term treatments, the main body is re-usable between patients and is programmable through the web application. Doctors or telehealth specialists can login to the web app to make changes or track the administration of the drugs.