Design for Manufacture

Design for manufacture (DFM) varies from the traditional design service in that we fully design for manufacture. The process is different than typical product design processes in that it encompasses all that is involved in the manufacturing process – from the originated CAD data through to analysis before manufacture and all the way to production.

Why is this service important? Our experience in manufacturing has shown us that using a holistic approach to manufacturing can have a big impact on the final product.

Examples of this approach that we have taken have been optimizing gate location placements which were done at early CAD stages to limit weld lines. This gave the desired effect of reducing part scrappage due to less visual defects. We have also seen that part wall thickness can be designed in such a way the part cools uniformly and without stresses, reducing cycle times and part weight which saves time, money and your product’s energy footprint. We have combined an assembly of machined parts into a single DMLS product, cutting out machining and assembly, reducing assembly time and creating weight savings.

We don’t just strive to touch on one particular aspect of your product; we look to optimize the whole process to save time and to reduce the possibilities of failure by implementing our knowledge from a very early stage, which benefits product quality and gets you to the finish line quicker.

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