The advantages of Rapid Tooling & Rapid manufacturing

From 2014 onward Verus will be offering a rapid tooling and rapid manufacturing for all of our clients. The service is straight forward and uncomplicated. As well as managing the tool build and production runs, we  also offer consultancy as part of the package as to which materials to use, where to gate or how to mold. Our pricing structure and quality promise mean that we can match most rapid toolmakers on time, price and quality.

Rapid tooling is becoming a regular staple in the R&D cycle, especially when the product in question needs to be manufactured in a high cavitation tool or when specialist procedures or finishes (2K Molding, Overmolding, Encapsulating etc…) are needed. By going with a simple prototype tool at the beginning of the stage, we can discover and debug alongside virtual prototyping tools like Autodesk Moldflow and Autodesk Simulation before making decisions on production tooling.

Rapid tooling can also be used as a bridge tooling solution for getting our customers to market before production tooling is completed, or when the volumes aren’t sufficient to warranty a production quality tool. While bridge tooling is often thought as a solution that only produces low quality parts in low volumes, our capabilities ensure that the production of these parts is as good as production tooling and can perform extremely well up to volumes of 50,000 plus. Our partner’s ISO 9001/14001 certification as well as ISO 13485:2003  with a Class 100K clean room makes it ideal for short run, high precision medical device runs.

If you’d like to hear more about rapid tooling or contract manufacturing services for short runs, get in touch with us.